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Bullnose Edge (above) is one of four edge profiles offered.


The Countersource proudly sells Counter Top Trends LLC. postform countertops. Visit them on the web for more information about their products.

   The Countersource sells postform laminate countertops to the public. Blanks or cut to fit.

     Post-form laminate countertops are rolled edge with or without rolled back splash. The (4) different edge options and the elimination of "brown edge lines" make post-form a desirable product.
     Post-Form laminate countertops are manufactured in factories and shipped as blanks of 8, 10, or 12' lengths. These blanks are then cut to fit per job. While this is not a problem for many countertop jobs, changes in depths, large radii, and pass thru areas are generally impossible with reasonable quality expectations.

Where should you use postform countertops??

Post-form countertops are best used in straight runs, and areas with minimal seams.

A post-form countertop seam is a decking and laminate seam together that is held together with draw bolts and adhesive caulk.
This seam requires more maintenance than"custom" laminate seams.
Caulk should be reapplied to the seam no less than every 4 months.
Failure to maintain caulk will result in seam failure and water damage to particle board substrate.

1.No caulk line between backsplash and countertop surface.
2. Eliminates "brown" laminate edge line.
3. Installation is not as "messy" as job built custom countertops

1. Islands and raised serve bars can only have "rolled edges" on 2 sides.
2. The "end" of these countertops must be finished with square laminate edge.
3. Laminate end caps are applied last, leaving the brown laminate line visible when looking down at the countertop.
4. Walls that are out of square or "crooked" may have unsightly gaps and generally less than stellar results.
5. Extended lead times, minimum of 7 days from order. Special order laminates could be as long as 3 weeks.
6. Damaged post-form laminate countertops must be completely removed, (decking and laminate) should replacement be necessary. In a "U" shaped kitchen the sink would have to be removed to facilitate replacement of any part of the countertops.

Postform Edge Profiles

Waterfall Edge

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No Drip Edge

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Bullnose Edge

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